Adobe CC subscription: Telling the Man

If you open Adobe Photoshop in the next couple of days you will get a quick survey question as shown.

Adobe survey popup
Adobe survey popup

If you are also a small company or sole contractor, I suggest you make the same comment as mine;

Q: What would make you more likely to recommend Adobe Photoshop CC to others?

A: CC subscription that is based on time used rather than a straight monthly rent. this would prevent small contractors and other occasional users getting killed by the CC subscription model.

Adobe needs to know that occasional users of Adobe CC should have the option to buy seat hours in advance rather than paying for the same seat for the entire month. This would allow us to budget our software better (i.e. based on our actual monthly needs) rather than having to pay for unused months. Off season photographers, occasional users (or simply folks on holiday) would then have a fairer cost to foot.

It would probably also stop Adobe Photoshop being the second most pirated program after MS Office.


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