Autumn’s end

Autumn's end
Autumn's end

Click here for larger image (aprox 1400×900, opens in new window)

We’ve just had the earliest snow in years. Autumn has been shunted straight into winter, and I was out the back looking for an image to reflect this.

I found the leaf in a frozen bucket. I prised out the ice in one piece. My intention was to position the ice up to the sun with the ‘water side’ facing the camera. This would hopefully simulate the view of the ice from underwater, looking up to the sky.

Sony Alpha a500, Tamron AF 90/f2.8 Di Macro at f20 (the ice was pretty thick and for this to work absolutely everything had to be in focus, hence the large f-number). 5 exposures 1EV apart. Post processing: combined into a HDR image using Nik HDR EFEX Pro, slight desaturation post HDR via Lightroom, no crop.

Update Jan 2011

I’ve never really been happy with the original (too cold). Here’s another version, where I’ve made good use of HDR EFEX Pro’s UPoints to give a warmer interpretation. If nothing else, it gives a good indication of the power of NiK UPoints when used in creative HDR.

Larger image here, adjusted slightly to make it suitable as a desktop wallpaper (2.7Mb, 1920×1280).

Autumn's End 2
Autumn's End 2

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